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We remove all fasteners, bindings etc. shred, bail and deliver materials directly to Chippewa County Recycling Please call first to make sure that we are ready to receive your materials. Call Stevie Dombrowski, Shop Supervisor at (906) 635-5681 ext 111.

We can also supply secure, locked drop-boxes suitable for office use. Materials are deposited through a slot in the box and securely await pickup. Drop boxes are picked up on a regular basis, scheduled to your convenience.

Please be advised that no damp or moldy paper will be accepted.

Northern Transitions, Inc. has been providing secure paper shredding and confidential document destruction services to Chippewa County businesses and residents since 1989. Customers have included credit unions, law firms, local government offices, numerous organizations, local businesses and individuals. Many have been long-term, repeat customers, attesting to our service and security.

For more information regarding confidential document distruction or other services you may contact Stevie Dombrowski at                            (906) 635-5681 extension 111, or email at . 

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Paper Shredding and Confidential Document Destruction

We also prepare bulk mailings:  Read our reference letter from       Shipwreck Historical Society