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Chippewa County Recycling Center  operated by Northern Transitions, Inc.  since 1989.


We cannot recycle greasy pizza boxes. If the top is clean please rip it off and throw away the greasy bottom. If all is clean that's fine. Also, please remove all pizza before recycling.
Thank you for your cooperation.     

Northern Transitions Inc.'s Chippewa County Recycling program faces the same problems with reduced commodity prices and increased handling costs as the programs across the country discussed in this Detroit Free Press article. Down the road, some changes are inevitable, but you can help us right now by following the rules, requests and suggestions provided at our drop sites, and on our website and Facebook page.  Read the article.

PLEASE, no bottle caps!

When you are done rinsing your bottles please throw the caps away. They are different plastic than the bottle and must be removed. If you are leaving the bottle cap on because the bottle has something in it, say spoiled milk, or used chewing tobacco (we've seen this more than once) – definitely throw it all away.

Northern Transitions would like to offer your classroom or group a presentation or tour, to provide up-to-date information regarding recycling, including what we can, or cannot accept, and why. And perhaps most importantly - What we can do together to optimize recycling in Chippewa County.

For a presentation, or tour please call Stevie at 635-5681 or email her at .

 For insights on recycling in the EUP please click link to read the article “A case for Recycling” featuring Northern Transition’s Inc./Chippewa County Recycling written by Sharon Kennedy that appeared in the January 2020 edition of the Mackinac Journal.  Click to Download PDF

Recycling Center drop site open:
Tuesday 9am through Saturday at 12pm

Closed Saturday's at 12pm through Tuesday at 9am