Clean and crush water and milk bottles

Breakdown boxes

Take needles to pharmacy or hospital in safe sharps containers

No TVs or electronics

No greasy or dirty cardboard

No hypodermic needles in recycling or trash

We no longer accept vinyl siding.

No Styrofoam

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Don't recycle bottle caps.      Some other suggestions

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Recycling Do's and Don'ts

Please leave shredded paper in bags

Don't dump loose shredded paper in drop site doors

We do not accept PVC

Many of the instructions and suggestions provided are based on the fact that we hand sort most materials at  Chippewa County Recycling. That allows us to employ more persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment, and to be more flexible in the way we accept materials than more mechanized recycling services.

If you are not a Chippewa County resident, you will want to check with your local recycling program as their processing methods and requirements may be different.