Experienced Job Developers help you find the right job based on your likes and dislikes. The Job Developer will help you write a resume explaining previous work experience or training.   They will talk to you about your interests and help decide what jobs to apply for.  After applications are collected, the Job Developer will provide any help you need to fill them out.  They will help you practice a job interview, including handling problem topics such as disclosing your disability and explaining any breaks in your work history. 

Job Development

A good application and good job interview are very important because the decision to hire you is based primarily on them. We can work with employers to carve out an exact fit. With your permission, the Job Developer may help the employer understand your disability.

For more information or to set up appointment please contact Sara Archer, Job Developer by phone (906) 635-5681, or email jobdeveloper@northerntransitions.org .